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Camari Garden Hotel Apartments Covid-19 Announcement

Welcome to Camari Garden Hotel Apartments. The room that you are staying in has been disinfected/cleaned according to the new health and safety procedures issued by the World Health Organization for hotel operations. Our management and staff are here to provide you with the best possible service.



Guests’ and staff’s health and safety is always our Hotel’s number one priority. The Hotel has implemented in accordance with EU and local government guidelines on the management of Corona virus appropriate procedures to safeguard its guests and staff health and safety whilst guests are staying at the Hotel. It is, therefore, essential that all guests using the Hotel’s facilities strictly follow measures and guidances given by the hotel to prevent infection and virus transmission to a maximum.

Regarding this, while staying at the Hotel you must respect all related healthcare measures (indicatively including physical distancing, hand washing, use of face masks).

You must stay in your room, if you experience at any time during your stay at the Hotel minor symptoms such as cough, headache, mild fever, and get in touch with the Hotel’s reception immediately.

Upon departure, you are explicitly requested to immediately notify the Hotel if you develop symptoms associated with COVID-19, or obtain a positive test result for COVID-19, within 14 days following departure.

Our Hotel’s Policies


In the event of an emergency, medical or other, please contact the front desk. After reception hours contact the emergency numbers that are listed in the information pamphlet inside your room or the reception’s entrance.


The reception desk hours are from 8 a.m. until 12 a.m. In order to insure the safety of our guests and avoid crowding, please first contact the reception via your telephone by dialling “9” and make an appointment with the reception staff.


Check in time is at 3 p.m. and check out time is at 11 a.m.


Breakfast is served from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.
For more information please contact the reception desk.


Restaurant & Pool Bars are open from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m. You are kindly requested to consume food and beverages ordered only from the Restaurant and Bars at all public spaces of the hotel, as according to law every consumption must be accompanied with a receipt.


Pool areas are open from 9:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. It is mandatory that you shower before entering the water. Parent(s) must be present at all times when children are at the pool area. No diving allowed. Glass containers are prohibited. Maximum people in the pool at one time (20).


Choose the “Camari Garden” option on your Wi-Fi network search settings. Then on the log in page, make sure your keyboard settings are set to “English”.
Password: camari2000


You are respectfully reminded that Camari Garden Hotel Apartments is a non-smoking establishment and we request that you refrain from smoking whilst in the room. Smoking in open space areas is allowed.


Please contact the front desk for articles that have been either lost or found.


Children of any age are welcome! Guests are required to supervise their children at all times; especially around the pool and bar areas. The hotel accepts no responsibility for un-supervised children!!!


Unfortunately, Camari Garden Hotel Apartments is not suited for pets.


Municipal Taxes (included in rate): 0.50%
VAT Accommodation (included in rate): 13.00%
VAT Food & Beverage (included in Breakfast rate 13% or 24%)
VAT All other Services 13% or 24%
Government Accommodation Tax (Not included in room rate): 1.50€ per room / per night


The undersigned hereby (a) declare and confirm that I have been properly informed that the Hotel satisfies the provisions of the law regarding the special healthcare protocols (as provided under the Joint Ministerial Decision 1881/29.5.2020 regarding the special healthcare protocols that will apply to the touristic enterprises in light of the measures against COVID-19) and (b) acknowledge that the Hotel shall not be held liable (for the restoration of damage or otherwise), as long as the measures provided under said healthcare protocols are complied with.

I acknowledge that my personal data and information will need to be used by the Hotel, as prescribed under the abovementioned protocols (and particularly in cases of potential or confirmed infections) and expressly agree thereon.

Also, I acknowledge that with this form are collected the minimum personal data required for the provision of hotel’s services, and the information for reasons concerning the service provided until the completion of its provision and for the HOTEL’s compliance with any legal obligation. The CAMARI GARDEN HOTEL APARTMENTS is owned by NIKOLAKAKIS THEM. S.A., which is responsible for processing your personal data and is fully compliant with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation. For more detailed information visit .For any question or act for rights please contact at For complains you can contact to the Personal Data Protection Authority at the postal address: Personal Data Protection Authority, Offices:Kifisias 1-3, PC 11523, Athens, telephone 2106475628, email:, fax +302106475628,

The hotel does not accept responsibility for any money or valuables left in your room. A safety deposit box is available if requested for a small charge. Any damages caused by guests, charges may occur.

I further confirm that I have read and understood and agree to all the above and all the information given and I have personally informed all parties in my booking who agree with the information given and we will all comply with any other related requirements, measures and protocols notified to us by the Hotel.

We wish you a pleasant and relaxing stay!!! Sincerely Yours, Management and Staff.

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